Sleeping Beauty

A baby princess has been born. Her father and mother love her very much. The king is very happy. He invites many people to a party. He also invites seven fairies. Each fairy gives a special gift to the baby princess.

Suddenly, an old fairy appears. She is angry because the king did not invite her. The old fairy speaks an evil spell and says, “The princess will prick her finger with a needle and sleep forever!” The king and queen are very sad. They are afraid that their daughter will sleep forever.

The king hopes that the princess will never see a needle. “Throw away every needle in the palace!” orders the king.

Many years have passed. The princess is now sixteen years old. She is as beautiful as can be. One day, the princess walks into a room. She sees needle and picks it up. The needle pricks her finger. Instantly, the princess falls asleep. Everyone else in the palace also falls asleep. Even the animals fall asleep.

After one hundred years a young prince finds a palace. The prince walks into the palace. He sees that everyone is sleeping. He looks around and finds a sleeping beauty. It is the princess. The prince kisses her and she awakes. The prince and the princess fall in love. They are soon married and they live happily ever after.

Source: Easy Reading With Word Guides.


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